At Inntegrapharma we guide businesses in the pharmaceutical industry, and other similar industries, towards the path of success. Together we can make sure that your company’s profits increase and you will be able to reach your objectives.

Furthermore, thanks to the vast experience of our team, we can find technical solutions that are quick, innovative and the most effective in the market.

Who is Inntegrapharma?

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Alberto Carazo

A pharmacist with experience in the pharmaceutical industry since his internship with the Director General.

Alberto has roots in Madrid, Andalucía and León, and is a curious entrepreneur with the ability to reinvent himself and never give up.

Sporty and a lover of nature, history and literature, humour and irony make up an important part of his character. He is father to three children who bring him lots of joy and happiness.

Alberto is able to generate ideas, offer services, lead teams and projects that meet the needs of both the market and of clients.

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Miguel Ruiz

A technical architect with a post grad in climatization and qualifications as a health and safety technical expert.

Miguel is caring, straight forward and has a strong sense of humour. He values loyalty as one of the main virtues of a human being.

Sporty, lover of nature and mountains as well as a passionate reader, Miguel is constantly learning. He manages to solve problems by always looking at the situation from diverse angles, coming up with original solutions.

Miguel is able to turn good ideas into reality using tenacity, effectiveness and common sense.

What motivates us?

Teamwork, sharing knowledge, and combining different perspectives of highly specialised experts is what makes us truly “INNteresting”.

Regulation changes and new technologies never surprise us. We are innately restless, something that helps us stay up to date with anything that could affect your company.

We are drawn to “INNovative” challenges, but we always face them with a well-studied action plan that allows us to reach results.

We pride ourselves on being “INNtegrated”. Working with you, we become a member of your company. We put ourselves in your shoes in order to reach your objectives, which are also our objectives.

We guarantee that the progress of your company will be placed in expert and committed hands, always looking out for what’s best for you. We are positively non-conformist.

You will know who you are working with, our agreement and closeness are immediate. We will build the road to success together.