Project Definition

Project Definition

At Inntegrapharma, we focus on defining projects in the pharmaceutical, sanitary and industrial sectors, offering a wide range of services that emcompass:

Business viability study

If you want to launch a new business line then the viability study is the first step for any pharmaceutical, veterinary, biotechnological or similar project, whether it be a new or established company. 

The viability study is a multidisciplinary document that combines objectives, markets and financial resources. It is an analysis that is structured around the concept of the SWOT study (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). It allows you to create a real and balanced vision of the new project within the market, especially with regards to users/clients and competitors. 

A well-structured viability study should be made up of the following chapters:

  • Defining the business plan
  • Defining the project
  • New products
  • Search for financing

Conceptual design

The conceptual design should be based on the major points defined in the viability study. The conceptual design should state in detail the products that will be manufactured, the amounts, the allotments, and the selected pharmaceutical processes. 

At the same time, we should also define the main characteristics of the pharmaceutical equipment, the auxiliary equipment, the installations and the services. We must also know what spaces will be necessary for the project and how they will be linked together so that the flows of process and logical and adequate production are defined. 

A conceptual design should touch on the following concepts: 

  • Definition of products and processes
  • GMP, Safety and Hygiene requirements
  • Selection of technologies and equipment
  • Definition of volumes and lot sizes
  • Definition and dimensions of services
  • Proposal for the layout
  • Project chronogram
  • Investment proposal

Optimization Projects and Cost Savings

Competitivity is one of the current factors that affects the pharmaceutical industry. Optimization and cost savings projects are vital if you want to keep a project going until the end. The key ways to keep a pharmaceutical project alive over a long period of time are:

  • Management of subcontracted activities
  • Technical agreements
  • Containment projects
  • Energy optimization
  • Analytical optimization
  • Production optimization
  • Funding for teams and installations

Outsourcing project management

In a global and international environment, outsourcing manufacturing, analytical services, or new supplier searches can be critical in order to remain competitive. It can also help increase quality and ease the introduction of new services. At Inntegrapharma we can help you along this path. 

  • CMOs, laboratory control, suppliers
  • Auditing and GAP-Analysis
  • Technological and/or analytical transfer management